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Hi, everyone!

This is a MultipleItemsControl for building up complex views and a CanvasEditor for free drag and zoom.

When you need to present more than one ItemsSource in the same "ItemsControl", you will find that the official WPF ItemsControl is not very convenient for building up these complex view.

Moreover, the official WPF ItemsControl also does not provide you an access to the "panel" and encapsulate everything in a ContentPresentor, which simply mess up with many layout related settings/bindings you want to do with the "ItemTemplate".

Hereby, an totally customized ItemsControl that allow you to put as many different ItemsSources as possible in the same MultipleItemsControl was developed.

A few more convenient extensions are also included in this release.

List of well developed controls:
1) MultipleItemsControl (ItemsControl that can accept multiple ItemsSources and present them in the same panel. You can put ItemsSourceProvider into MultipleItemsControl to add multiple ItemsSources. You can also manually add more ItemsSources.)
2) DirectItemsControl (ItemsControl without the ContentPresentor capsule)
3) EnumEditor (EnumEditor is a special ComboBox style control that can present your Enum values and allow multiple selection.)
4) XAMLRootExtension (Binding to your XAMLRoot)
5) ClosableTabControl (TabControl with Close button tabs.)
6) MultiplyConverter (Perform simple multiply in a binding.)

Enjoy and help improve if you like them!


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